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About us

BioEx was established by companies with expertise in heating supply and IT solutions, combining knowledge about the sector and the best way to develop a digital platform for better trading experience.
stake owner in BioEx is

EcoHeat Holding

75% stake owner in BioEx is EcoHeat Holding – a group of Latvian companies specializing in metalworks, manufacturing and application of environmentally friendly heating systems in urban and industrial objects. The group’s companies specialize in manufacturing of module boiler houses and providing heating supply services to Latvia’s local governments, installing and operating modern mobile container boiler houses running on woodchip.
25% stake in BioEx belongs to FortySeven Software Professionals – UK-based IT consultations and full-cycle software development company with more than ten-year experience in implementation of projects in different sectors, including banks and fintech, supplies and energy sectors as well as public administration. FortySeven often develops complex corporate IT solutions.
stake owner in BioEx

FortySeven Software Professionals

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